Decoration the Home is fun

No style is wrong

Everyone has things they like and dreams. Some is for bright and lively colors, some prefer douce and calm look. My son thinks he's a King and likes gold and bordeaux - and is is not wrong even though it isn't the most common for a young man. Stick to your style and dreams of your Home and live it out.

Don't be affraid of Colors

Many are affaid to put colors on their Walls and sand, grey and white are safe and good choices. But paining just one Wall will change your Room completely - and it is furthermore easy to change again when you wan't a new look. 

Get the Look

When you have figured out what you like make sure to stick to that style all the way. Remove items that do not match the look and color.


Re-use old candle sticks, mirrors, furniture etc. by paining them in your new style and color and add perhaps a few new things like a pillow in your new color and of caurse new Posters from Posters by E.


Small and personal details does make a big difference as here where holders for curtains has been added to highlight the Royal style.